About the Comics:

CONTENT WARNING: All content is 15+

The genres to best describe the work here would be horror/fantasy.

Many of the characters are LGBT members and other marginalized groups, and the stories reflect their issues and lives in general.  The idea of bringing this up in the form of horror is meant to show that no matter how scary life becomes, we thrive and survive.

These stories are all interconnected.  Starting with Fear and Beauty, two deity figures, creating their Children to unleash into our world.  The stories reflect upon the lives on the Children, as well as the humans they impact.

About the Creator:

“Animatia” being a play on the word ‘animation’ and my name.  “Train” coming from what most people know me on the Internet.

I have been fascinated by two things all my life – art and horror.  So it seemed natural to combine the two.  Losing myself in the words of scary stories has always been my way of coping with the difficulties of life.  Seeing characters make it out of hard situations made me believe that I could endure it as well.  I want to bring other people that strange sense of comfort – that no matter how much we struggle, things will always get better.

I hope you enjoy your stay!